Bar List (Surname in Alphabetical Order)

The directory published in this Bar List is for the purpose of facilitating the public and members of the Hong Kong Bar Association in identifying practising barristers and barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong registered with the Hong Kong Bar Association. The personal data contained in this Bar List must not be used for any non-directly related purposes. It is a criminal offence under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to use the personal data in this directory for direct marketing without the data subjects’ consent.

Search by Surname in Alphabetical Order
Name of Barrister Inner Bar H.K. Bar
Ma, Anita (Ms) 1989
Ma, Belinda K.Y. (Ms) 2012
Ma, Billy N.P. 2009
Ma, Chelsea P.K. (Ms) 2015
Ma, Chun Man Amos 2015
Ma, David W.K. 1988
Ma, Duncan Ming Chun 2016
Ma, Henry K.F. 1992
Ma, Jay Suk Lin (Ms) 2001
Ma, Jimmy Y.T. 1985
Ma, Johnny K.C. 1999
Ma, Judy C.Y. (Ms) 1991
Ma, Karen K.W. (Ms) 2005
Ma, Lawrence Y.K. 2008
Ma, On Ki (Ms) 2015
Ma, Stanley Kilian H.F. 2000
Ma, Stephen Ming-Tak 1976
Ma, Stephen T.O. 2006
Ma, Van W.Y. (Ms) 2013
Mak, Andrew Y.S. 1988
Mak, Andy L.W. 2014
Mak, Arlina N.W. (Ms) 2014
Mak, Bernard 1993
Mak, Chui Wah (Ms) 2008
Mak, Kin Ming 2006
Mak, Lewis W.K. 2013
Mak, Ming Yin Newton 2014
Mak, Paul W.P. 2005
Mak, William H.K. 2011
Man, Bernard, S.C. 2015 2000
Man, Casarinna C.Y. (Ms) 2012
Man, Hon Chiu 2008
Man, James K.H. 2014
Man, Ka Ki Melo (Ms) 2013
Man, Ka Lok Richard 2016
Man, Lawrence 2013
Man, Phoebe (Ms) 2004
Man, Yin Ting (Ms) 2015
Manzoni, Charles, S.C. 2012 2000
Mao, Mao Adela (Ms) 2016
Marash, Daniel Y., S.C. 1998 1990
Marray, John 1985
Martin, Thomas Clifford 2016
Marwah, Azan Aziz 2012
Marwah, Shaphan Habib 2014
Maurellet, José Antonio, S.C. 2016 2000
McCoy, Gerard, S.C. 1997 1987
McCoy, Kim Joseph 2016
McGowan, James H.M. 1989
McGuinniety, Edward L. 1987
McLeish, Robin 1997
McNamara, John Patrick 1991
Merry, Malcolm 1982
Mitchell, Neil S. 1988
Miu, Nelson L. 1988
Mo, Alison K.P. (Ms) 2017
Mohamed, Nisha (Ms) 2004
Mok, Alice, S.C. (Ms) 1997 1977
Mok, Johnny S.L., S.C.
(Voluntary Removal – 1992) (Restoration of Admission – 1993)
2006 1986
Mok, Shaun S.M. 2007
Mok, Yeuk-Chi 1975
Mok, Yin Ting Tina (Ms) 2017
Moosdeen, Munira (Ms) 1977
Moy, Phaik See (Ms) 2015
Mughal, Hanif M. 1986
Mui, Winifred B.M. (Ms) 2010
Mui, Yui Ting Angela (Ms) 2016