Bar List (Surname in Alphabetical Order)

The directory published in this Bar List is for the purpose of facilitating the public and members of the Hong Kong Bar Association in identifying practising barristers and barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong registered with the Hong Kong Bar Association. The personal data contained in this Bar List must not be used for any non-directly related purposes. It is a criminal offence under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to use the personal data in this directory for direct marketing without the data subjects’ consent.

Search by Surname in Alphabetical Order
Name of Barrister Inner Bar H.K. Bar
Tai, Chun Yin Terrence 2016
Tai, Corrina P.Y. (Ms) 1996
Tai, Jonathan Kwan-hang 2015
Tai, Kennis C.K. (Ms) 1999
Tam, Aidan L.F. 2007
Tam, Bonnie V.Y. (Ms) 2007
Tam, Bonny H.W. (Ms) 1997
Tam, Carmel K.T. 1992
Tam, Chung Hin Tasman 2017
Tam, Grace Y.C. (Ms) 2012
Tam, Isabel C.Y. (Ms) 2013
Tam, Jeffrey C.K. 2009
Tam, Keith 2016
Tam, Maria W.C. (Ms) 1974
Tam, Nok Ting 2016
Tam, Patrick K.Y. 2000
Tam, Wilson Wai Shun 2014
Tam, Winnie, S.C. (Ms) 2006 1984
Tang, Alexander K.M. 2011
Tang, Candy S.M. (Ms) 2011
Tang, Chun Kit Danny 2017
Tang, David W.K. 2005
Tang, Edmund Ming-Wai 1995
Tang, Edward H.M. 2011
Tang, Hughes H.S. 2004
Tang, Kevin T.K. 2006
Tang, Leon 1999
Tang, Raymond H.M. 2012
Tang, Ronald Hon-Bui 1981
Tang, Stephen L.W. 1996
Tang, Warren Louis 2001
Thomson, James Smith 1992
Thomson, Mary B.L. (Ms) 2013
Tibbo, Robert 2005
Tien, Kei Rui 2015
Tin, Tiffany S.W. (Ms) 2013
Ting, Wong Kacee 2012
Tjia, Josephine L.Y. (Ms) 2004
To, Cecilica Y.F. (Ms) 2009
To, Cheuk Lun Alan 2017
To, Ken 2008
Todd, Richard Frazer 2014
Toh, Tanie W.Y. (Ms) 2011
Tong, Judy K.Y. (Ms) 1995
Tong, Justin W.H. 2013
Tong, Ming W.M. 1998
Tong, Ronny K.W., S.C. 1990 1975
Tong, Sara (Ms) 2003
Tracy, Maurice Peter 1993
Tsang, Albert 1983
Tsang, Alvin 2008
Tsang, Byron C.Y. 2012
Tsang, David K.K. 1994
Tsang, Emma T.C. (Ms) 2009
Tsang, Fat Kuen 2002
Tsang, Hing Tung Patrick 2013
Tsang, Jennifer C.C. (Ms) 1994
Tsang, Kitty K.L. (Ms) 1998
Tsang, Lorraine H.M. (Ms) 2014
Tsang, Manyi (Ms) 2002
Tsang, Olivia (Ms) 2013
Tsang, Priscilla H. L. (Ms) 2011
Tsang, Ray H.T. 2012
Tsau, Margaret T.M. (Ms) 2012
Tse, Andrew C.Y. 2013
Tse, Bruce C.H. 1997
Tse, Hayson K.S. 1995
Tse, Hon-Yuen 1984
Tse, Joseph W.Y., S.C. 2006 1984
Tse, Marco S.P. 2014
Tse, Peter K.C. 1996
Tse, Roy K.W. 1995
Tse, Siu Chung Dixon 2016
Tse, To Shing 2004
Tse, William Siu-chung 2015
Tseng, Christina (Ms) 2012
Tsin, Henry C. 2012
Tso, Denise Y.C. (Ms) 2008
Tso, Grace (Ms) 2009
Tsoi, Benson Y.M. 2007
Tsoi, Eric Y.C. 2011
Tsoi, Shun Cheong 1996
Tsui, Brian Ho Chuen 2015
Tsui, Jennifer K.W. (Ms) 1994
Tsui, Kwok Kei Antonio 2016
Tsui, Mabel Y.S. (Ms) 2006
Tsui, Peter K.W. 1995
Tsui, Raymond Shiu-Wah 1990
Tsui, Raymond Wai-Nam 1993
Tsui, Stephanie M.H. (Ms) 2007
Tsui, Wilfred C.K. 1997
Tsui, Yan Yan Suzanne (Ms) 2014
Tsui, Yin (Ms) 2016
Tung, Sylvia S.Y. (Ms) 2003
Turnbull, Richard Grant 2004
Tze, James Y.K. 1997