Bar List (Surname in Alphabetical Order)

The directory published in this Bar List is for the purpose of facilitating the public and members of the Hong Kong Bar Association in identifying practising barristers and barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong registered with the Hong Kong Bar Association. The personal data contained in this Bar List must not be used for any non-directly related purposes. It is a criminal offence under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to use the personal data in this directory for direct marketing without the data subjects’ consent.

Search by Surname in Alphabetical Order
Name of Barrister Inner Bar H.K. Bar
Yam, Kenwick W.M. 2012
Yan, Chi Yee Angie (Ms) 2015
Yan, John M.Y., S.C. 2003 1984
Yan, Kwok Wing 2008
Yan, Li Wah 1999
Yang, Eugenia (Ms) 2005
Yao, Eric K.S. 2004
Yap, Ophelia C.C. (Ms) 2006
Yau, Albert K.C. 1983
Yau, Chi Wai Billy 2015
Yau, Jeremy C.L. 2016
Yau, Norman C.M. 2011
Yeung, Alvin N.K. 2009
Yeung, Clemence Y.M. 1997
Yeung, Dominic K. 1993
Yeung, Eddie S.K. 2013
Yeung, Eleanor (Ms) 2010
Yeung, Jacky C.K. 2016
Yeung, Julian C.P. 2012
Yeung, Man Kin Mike 2016
Yeung, Ming-Tai 1989
Yeung, Shak-Nung 1993
Yeung, Vincent 2012
Yeung, Vivian M.F. (Ms) 1998
Yeung, Wing Yan Wendy (Ms) 2013
Yeung, Yeuk-Chuen 1990
Yeung, Yu Kwan (Ms) 2011
Yim, Eugene W.T. 2001
Yim, Foster H.C. 2011
Yim, Valentine S.T. 1986
Yin, Michael 1997
Yip, Anita H.K., S.C. (Ms) 2014 1989
Yip, Arthur C.H. 2000
Yip, Francis Kim-Ming 1991
Yip, King Sum 1994
Yip, Liza S.H. (Ms) 1988
Yip, Lynnmarie L.H. (Ms) 2014
Yip, Micky T.B. 2011
Yip, Paul S.L. 2004
Yip, Richard H.L. 2011
Yip, Samuel C.H. 2008
Yip, Simon S.M. 1993
Yip, Timmy Chi-Hong 1993
Yip, Wing San Roy Bowie 2004
Yip, Yvonne H.Y. (Ms) 2009
Yiu, Austin T.H. 2016
Yiu, Eliza K.S. (Ms) 1995
Young, Simon N.M. 2008
Yu, Benjamin, S.C. 1995 1979
Yu, Bianca S.W. (Ms) 2013
Yu, Chi Hang Tim 2014
Yu, Christine C.W. (Ms) 2013
Yu, Denis G.Q.C. 1983
Yu, Emily N.F. (Ms) 2013
Yu, Jason H.T. 2012
Yu, Leo C.T. 2011
Yu, Lily Q. (Ms) 2014
Yu, Olive K.L. (Ms) 2005
Yu, Peter C.C. 2009
Yu, Raymond C.C. 1986
Yu, Selwyn, S.C. 2010 1990
Yu, Sze Yin Andrea (Ms) 2013
Yu, Wai Tim Michael 2015
Yue, Jonathan T.K. 1995
Yue, Percy P.S. (Ms) 2008
Yue, Victoria W.Y. (Ms) 2016
Yuen, Anthony W.M. 1988
Yuen, Bernard 1986
Yuen, Carl 2000
Yuen, David K.K. 2012
Yuen, Ernest 2007
Yuen, Henry M.
(Removal – 1982) (Restoration of Admission – 2009)
Yuen, Jensen Wing-Bong 2013
Yuen, Joey W.L. (Ms) 2007
Yuen, Kenneth K.L. 1985
Yuen, Mei (Ms) 2017
Yuen, Ross M.Y. 2008
Yuen, Siu Kei 2010
Yuen, Victor Y.C. 2016
Yung, Alan C.Y. 2007
Yung, Clara Y.H. (Ms) 2012
Yung, Eunice H.Y. (Ms) 2008
Yung, Isaac M.S. 2015
Yung, William Y.W. 2002